About Me

I'll keep it short, but here is a little about myself. I received my bachelor of science degree from the University of Southern Mississippi in biology with an emphasis in zoology, as well as a major in sociology and a minor in psychology. I am an Animal Keeper at the Zoo. I finally found a job that I love! It is very hard work and very much worth it. Currently in my care are the following animals: 2 Siberian Tigers, 2 White-handed Gibbons, 24 Bushbabies, a Black Howler Monkey, about 32 Prairie Dogs, a Red-tailed Hawk, a Kookaburra, a Screech Owl, 2 Great Horned Owls, an Amazon Parrot, a Grey Parrot, a Quaker Parrot, a Sulfur-crested Cockatoo, a Ball Python, a Speckled Kingsnake, a Glass Lizard, a Fence Lizard, 2 American Alligators, 3 Alligator Snapping Tortoises, and 2 Gopher Tortoises. My husband works for the local NBC affiliate, and plays guitar, keyboards, theremin, etc. when he can get away from work. We have five lively kids..er..cats: Hairmonster (sleek & black), Josie (calico grrl), Figaro (17 lbs of black & white), Tripod (three-legged & tiger-striped), and Kiko (long-haired white & gray). I have always loved animals, especially frogs. I love being outside surrounded by nature and wildlife. I am very concerned about the state of our environment. We need to take some serious action toward cleaning it up and preserving the remaining wilderness areas and the animals that live in them.

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